Sep 15, 2013

Thanks for all of the views and to everyone involved in this blog!!!

This blog was great while it was active over the years. But now, I have decided to close it. Ill leave the pages up but this will redirect to my new blog after ten seconds. If there was content you really wanted on here you can email me:

Aug 16, 2013

Selling some stuff on Ebay!

Ill be selling some items of mine and starting a new blog soon. If you're interested ill be selling all sorts of stuff from records to musical instruments, antiques, art, skulls, zines, other punk stuff, vintage camera equipment. It all must go.

Trying to fund an upcoming bike tour and video/music blog. All proceeds go to a good cause! Will sell for cheap!

Heres the link.

Feb 18, 2010


I was very surprised to see this band had emailed me their demo. I was just checking them out a few days ago online and thinking they were pretty bad ass. These guys put out some really fast noisy grind. I really love the overall tone of this demo. The quality is super raw and distorted and sounds like it was possibly recorded on an old four track recorder, which i think is super rad! Anyways, some of the feedback in this album is really intense! Some of the most harsh feedback i have heard in a while actually. For sure worth checking out. The songs are all tied together with the feedback, it makes for a really nice flow. So get your hearing aids out and turn up them speakers!

Ill Advised- Demo

Ill Advised is here! All the way from KENOSHA, Wisconsin! This is a great fast as fuck demo! Really reminds me of the olden days back when i was a little street punk kid. (Yeah you know you were too!) Not that the people in this band are little street punks, its just really good fun music! A nice DIY fun sound to the recordings is always a plus. This demo is fresh off the press as it was just recorded a few weeks ago. I would say it reminds me of Surf Nazi's Must Die in a way or maybe Common Enemy. So cut the bullshit and join the circle pit!

Infection- Humanicide Demo

This is the second and final demo for the band, Infection. They were from Halifax, Nova Scotia. I would say they play a sort of Japanese sounding Disorder style punk. This demo is pretty interesting. Not to mention obscure song titles like "Unmelting the Cheese" and "The Ballad of Jordi Napalm the System Smashing Mosh Warrior". I would even say that it kind of reminds me of Sore Throat. I really liked the artwork for this demo as well. Gives it a nice DIY look. Give these guys a listen for sure especially if you are a fan of crusty bands that will make your ears bleed with joy! F.O.A.D.!!!

Jan 26, 2010

Severed Tongue- Demo

Severed Tongue is badass! If you are looking for something to blow out them fancy new computer speakers you just got down at the pawn shop, check this out. These guys really know how to lay it down. Throat ripping vocals, exploding guitar riffs, and one chaotic drummer stirring them all together makes this band fucking rule! What is really awesome about this band is that they come from Newfoundland, Canada, and are totally isolated from touring bands (the nearest place to play is a 13 hour drive + 7 hour ferry ride away). "We have our own little scene here with a handful of sick bands and that's about it. We recorded this demo after jamming twice." says, band member Robert. I would say this band is for fans of classics like Infest, Crossed Out, and a personal fav. Chainsaw To The Face.

Jan 25, 2010


These albums come to me all the way from Indonesia. "Titan" The dude who sent me these albums blog can be view here: Super Soul. This album really took me back to the days of when i used to be really into to old school hardcore. This is a nine track tape that was released in 2000. The sounds quality is absolutely perfect. A nice D.I.Y. sound, possibly recorded on analog equipment? Anyways, i think its really important that bands like this from other countries get exposure. I love seeing bands like this pop up in every area of the globe. Featured on his blog you can find more music from his area. Also check out these other releases by Revolt:

Revolt - mosh!mosh!mosh! You Are Only Young Once!

Java x Macha - 4 Ways split Indonesia - Japan HxC/Punk

Jan 21, 2010

The Drooling Slits- Growing Up Good and Evil

The Drooling Slits are a good ol' fashioned punk rock. Sometimes its nice to put down the Warsore album and throw something like this on. They are from KANSAS CITY, Missouri. I do not know much about them, but this is there first EP. Its a really fun sounding raw album with songs like "I Hate School" and "Scared of Dicks". The guitar player of this band also really knows how to shred. Sort of reminds me of the same kind of style as The Skitkids. But yeah, for something i think everyone on this blog will enjoy. p.s. Sorry about the shitty quality album art, thats all that was sent to me.

Anal Discharge / Kill A Celebrity - Split Floppy Disk

Sydney’s much hated, shit-stirring, break-neck blasting, unlistenably abrasive grindfucks Kill A Celebrity seem to leave a trail of violence wherever they go – and this release is no exception, teaming up with the booze-lubed, drug-fueled, self-destructive Central Coast punk rockers Anal Discharge to create the first split release that should probably come with a free tetanus shot. This ultra limited edition split comes in the form of an old school double floppy disk, and features Kill A Celebrity grind epics ‘Dying for Meth’ and ‘Genocidal Superstar’ as well as Anal Discharge’s tasteful ode to the late Heath Ledger’s daughter ‘Matilda Rose’ and the love song ‘Gash Rash’. Lesstalk Records is doing a one-time run of 50 of these priceless retro-splits, so get your shit together and grab one for $5 before they’re all gone and the memory of Anal Discharge is dead and buried six feet below the surface of the earth as all its former members lose their minds in a drug induced psychosis. Grind, blast, blood, drugs, party. For fans of: Nasum, Extortion, Straight Jacket Nation. Also, you can check out these 4 extra tracks by Kill A Celebrity for download here.

xHaroldShitmanx / Wheelchair Wheelchair Wheelchair Wheelchair Split CS

3 tracks each from these powerviolence thrashy kids from sunny old Scotland. Fast, intense and pissed off! Released on ZX Tapes looks like they have some more albums up for free download. Anyways, this is a really awesome split, another fast DIY release. Also very good to see bands from other continents put out stuff like this. Its seems as if the DIY punks really are taking over the world...

Cut Fuck- Demo 1

The next few posts are going to be some things that were emailed to me. This band emailed me there demo i thought it was pretty sweet. I love short demos like this. Really raw recordings combined with groovy jams and blistering speed makes this album pretty fucking cool. For more information about the band go here. Other than that i don't anything else about this band. WHat the fuck more do ya need? Get to downloading!

Jan 19, 2010

It has been a bit

Since i last posted on here. I apologize for this. I have gotten a bunch of emails from readers which makes me really happy. This blog has really gotten off the ground. Anyways, i am going to be posting some of the stuff you have all sent me in the next few days. Check this out.

If you make any kind of punk-related media/art; Music, Short Films, Zines, Poetry, Paintings, etc. and you want it to be featured on this blog, please email it to me at:

Please upload all files to and if you do, there is a good chance it will be posted on here. So if you are in a band, why not?

-Thanks, Stewart

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